Someone who knows very little about mysteries, pretending that he does.

Also, I know vey little about making a blog. Honestly… how does any of this coding thing work?

  • 6. ‘The Silver Eye’, or Repeated Hiatuses

    Well. It’s been another two weeks, but I’m finally back! Done with writer’s block, and all that. Last time, there was some fun A.I. generated rules for fair-play mysteries, but before that, it was Q.E.D., by Motohiro Katou. I realise that in my last blog post about Q.E.D., I failed to give a basic summary […]

  • 5. On A.I. and How I’m Very Bored With Things

    So, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? Haven’t been doing much, that’s for sure. Well, I just wanted to get the good old creative juices flowing, so I wanted to do something of importance. Recently, I’ve been very interested in A.I., or Artificial Intelligence. Particularly the ones that generate things. So, […]

  • 4. On Q.E.D. and ‘The Owl of Minerva’

    So, against my best efforts, I’ve already failed to keep my commitment of a blog post a day. Lamentable, truly lamentable. So, I finally got up, decided to stop being lazy, and have started to write. This time, with a fresh topic, that of Q.E.D. First, some backstory. Q.E.D. is written by Motohiro Katou, who’s […]

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